Unionpack Wins Another Award

Napa Valley’s Unionpack wins California wine label printer award

140 Dodd Ct., American Canyon 94503; 707-557-CAPS

Unionpack started two years ago and supplies screw and crown caps, capsules for sparkling and still wine, medallion labels and bidules for wine, sparkling wine, spirits, beer, cider, bottled water and olive oil producers in the North Coast, California, Pacific Northwest and the rest of North America.

The company provides high-quality, on-demand stock closures in multiple colors, directly representing Italian and Spanish packaging providers. Unionpack also custom-prints on the closures.

The company has designed and implemented an inventory and logistics solution for customers to order custom products quarterly or annually from our Italian producers then draw down inventory as needed.

Maspack USA, a subsidiary of Unionpack, will be offering robotic and mechanical technology for beginning- and end-of-the-line depalletizing, automated packing and palletizing; state-of-the-art Italian conveyors for the wine industry; and industrial production lines of foods, beverages and small goods.

Wendy Rose, co-founder and CEO, spoke with the Business Journal about the medallion label, packaging sustainability and coming packaging innovations.

What have been recent highlights for your company?

Wendy Rose: We were awarded Wines & Vines Most Innovative Product for our clear medallion-style label.

For a company that is only 2 years young, we have been securing business from small high-quality boutique wineries, such as Hill Family Estates and Schramsberg to the larger-production wine groups such as Plata Wine Partners and Naked Wines. We also supply high-volume spirits customers with national distributorship, like Tito’s Vodka and Deep Eddy Vodka. We make great products, but I award this business success to our service standards.

How has your operation changed in the past few years?

Rose: We are a startup company. We are constantly expanding our product line according to the growing needs in the U.S. market. The addition of the SealLux medallion labels has diversified our product line and brought innovation the U.S. market has never been seen before now.

Witnessing the creativity that was born from the offering of our SealLux medallion was addicting. We will continue to push our Italian colleagues to bring innovation to the table. I am very excited to show our double-sided printing on our wine and sparkling polylaminate capsules at the North Coast Wine Industry Expo.

We have a very exciting new screwcap product in development now that we are very excited about. Stay tuned.

How is your operation set to change?

Rose: We are paced to grow. Our growth model is focused in two ways, reaching more customers regardless of size and reinvesting in our community. Reaching more customers means that our producers in Italy are investing in production equipment systems that will satisfy the needs of the smaller and craft markets.

As for reinvesting, Unionpack has a bigger vision. Our passion is for our community and education. Ideas are taking root as we speak to fulfill this dream. Give us some time; our feet are just underneath us.

Additionally, I want to mention that we constantly update our goals to be environmentally sustainable. Our suppliers are in Canelli, in the Piedmont region of Italy. That would be like having a manufacturing plant in Yountville. The respect that they have shown to the environment and the investments that they have made to protect it are mind-blowing.

Unionpack has partnered with Purple Wine & Spirits (formerly Sonoma Wine Company) to design a box-free program in order to reach the highest level of sustainability.

How healthy is the wine business?

Rose: Thankfully, people drink when the market is up, and drink even more when it is down. Last year, every one of our customers did more than their forecast numbers. Smaller yields can always change the wine market, but with higher-quality wines comes higher-quality packaging ideas. We are here to facilitate.

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