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Why Some Winemakers Don’t Just Put a Cork In It

In New Zealand, virtually every wine in the country is bottled under screwcap, while in Spain, cork is mandated. Bottle closures can be real corks, synthetic corks, screwcaps, glass stoppers—but is one better than the others? By: LETTIE TEAGUE Sept. 10, 2015, Wall Street Journal … A FEW WEEKS AGO I was sitting on a suburban commuter read more »

Survey proves aluminium closures are top choice for consumers.

But are winemakers and retailers getting the message? March 2014. An in-depth survey of 6,000 consumers, undertaken by IPSOS*, to discover consumer preferences on wine and spirit closures has confirmed that the majority prefer an aluminium closure over other closure options for its convenience. The study, which took place in five major European markets (France, read more »