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Intercap PVC shrink capsules (thermos-retractable foil)

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Product Description

Intercap PVC shrink capsules (thermos-retractable foil) are made with the same precision, quality, and decoration detail as their co-extruded polylaminate capsules. Traditionally PVC Shrink or Thermoclass” capsules as we call them, are used in the Spirits industry as Tamper Evidence typically over a continuous thread plastic/metal screwcap – or over a T-Cork.  When the Distiller uses a Thermoclass for TE it offers the consumer the protection they expect, and the distiller the packaging elegance they deserve.  Thermoclass PVC Shrinks are also widely used in the Oil & Vinegar, Wine, & Pharmaceutical industries.

We carefully measure your bottle to decide if you can use a standard stock size or if you require custom tooling. Intercap uses cone formers that exactly match your bottle in order to achieve a perfect fit for our customers.


Top Diameter 28mm to 41mm

Skirt Length 35mm to 70mm

Stock Sizes: 30.25mm x 60mm


Intercap can customize the side decoration with offset/rotogravure printing or hot foil stamping.  Offset offers up to 6 colors in addition to the background color.  Hot Foil Stamping can be done in one or two colors.


Tear tabs are available with custom color pull flags, or a simple cut out pull and engraved dotted line.


All Aluminum Top Disc ensures a flat seat.  Breather holes are optional.  Our aluminum top discs can be a custom micron density (thickness) and can be decorated as you would any screwcap or capsule with Embossing, Debossing, Dry Relief, and Hot Foil Stamp.